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Strategic Fundraising

The most challenging, important and creative aspect of an event is the fundraising. With so many organizations fundraising from the same market, our job is to make the case compelling and different so that our client receives their share of the philanthropic and/or marketing dollars.

On average, more than half of our time for an event project is fundraising. For example, if we have a four-month lead-time, then the first 2 months should be spent on the following elements.

Clear Goal
As simple as it may sound, setting an event fundraising goal is not as easy as most people might imagine. We advise our clients to set a realistic goal. This helps keep the event operational budget in check. Furthermore, it is important to note that in nonprofit event fundraising, it is essential to keep the costs associated with the event down. It would be tragic to expend so much energy on an event if the best that can happen is to “break-even.”

A host committee of volunteer leaders
It is always best to have a host committee or group of volunteer leaders to call upon if we need assistance in “closing a sale.” Often, a board member’s passion about the importance of raising money for the organization or program is more powerful than any fundraising letter. Furthermore, the truth about fundraising, as we have experienced, is that people give money to other people. Yes, the mission is important, but relationships are key. Candy Berman & Associates will coach and train board and committee members to recognize relationships and utilize contacts to enhance the fundraising for the organization.

Development of sponsorship packages/collateral
Before we can even send one packet or letter asking for money, many components of the event must be coordinated. This includes:

  • Benefit package created
  • Keynote speaker(s) committed
  • Location secured
  • Date and time secured
  • Host committee and Event Chairs established

Management of fundraising process
Once the goal is set, a team of committed and passionate volunteers is empowered, and requests for sponsorship is developed, our work transitions into the management of the fundraising process. Our management of the fundraising process includes developing a database for prospecting (includes past and new donors) and sponsorship levels (includes appropriate requests). We strategize the best approach to fundraising while training and motivating volunteers to be the arms and legs of the organization. We provide constant support and communication during this time.

Development of database

  • List of past donors
  • List of new donors

Sponsorship levels

  • Scrutinize prospect list and determine appropriate requests

Corporate Fundraising
The success of a non-profit´s fundraising campaign is the ability to attract corporate donors. One of our greatest assets is our knowledge of the corporate community. Through our contacts we have the ability to recommend which corporations might be interested in the mission of our non-profit clients. We are able to access the decision-makers of these corporations and provide strategic guidance on how to position the organization and on which volunteer would be the most effective in making the "ask" to these companies.

Candy Berman